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#718 Handling xml file live swap for OSD Layouts osd xml layout skin accelerometer new Singesang enhancement/feature request major
#854 OSM - Badly rendered coast line (tile artifacts) rendering, layout, map, binfile reopened cp15 defect/bug major
#1129 Labels should be aligned rendering,layout, map, icons new KaZeR enhancement/feature request major
#1130 Fill patterns rendering, layout, map new KaZeR defect/bug major
#692 Need ability to specifiy offset for labels from roads or POI rendering,layout, map, style new Singesang enhancement/feature request minor
#766 stuff does not get drawn with lower zoomlevels (highway streets dissapear) map, rendering, layout, zoom assigned usul defect/bug minor
#1231 OSM layout: icons osm layout icon new cp15 defect/bug minor
#1293 Expose current layout as variable to enable_expression layout name, daylayout, nightlayout new Singesang enhancement/feature request trivial
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