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#1151 PlanetExtractor with multiple BBoxes map, osm, extractor, area, www new usul defect/bug major
#894 Route along gpx waypoints gpx, kml, track, map, routing new KaZeR enhancement/feature request minor
#905 Add better support for hiking into navit map, route, tracking reopened Singesang enhancement/feature request minor
#920 Filter out "garbage" bearing information when standing still GPS speed tracking new KaZeR defect/bug minor
#1013 maptool uses 2GB RAM on planet, always osm, maptool, extractor, binfile new KaZeR defect/bug minor
#1054 Admin/Trac: add Navit Wiki as OpenID provider trac,login,openid new KaZeR task minor
#1118 WinCE: fflush call does not have effect when cross compiled gps, track, files new defect/bug minor
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