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#467 increase configuration abilities, iconset image format ui, xml, customization new cp15 enhancement/feature request major
#718 Handling xml file live swap for OSD Layouts osd xml layout skin accelerometer new Singesang enhancement/feature request major
#788 Navit dont save settings on Android configuration, xml, customization new cp15 defect/bug major
#1157 split up xml for easy development for multiple screen sizes xml, style, osd, map, i18n, setup, install, openmoko new KaZeR defect/bug major
#1181 Font-sizes in navit.xml are too small for Nexus 5 android, xml, nexus5, xhdpi new cp15 enhancement/feature request major
#395 xi:include of non-existing file is ignored xml. logging reopened KaZeR enhancement/feature request minor
#693 Change language="" attribute in config tag to locale="", or split into language="" and country="" i18n, config, xml new KaZeR enhancement/feature request minor
#740 Add version number to navit.xml xml, version new cp15 enhancement/feature request minor
#759 navit.xml on android , typo makes TTS dissapear xml, speech,android,plugin new cp15 defect/bug minor
#765 Enable negative % values for position (x,y) of OSD items OSD, xml, style new Singesang enhancement/feature request minor
#862 Navit needs a CONFIGDIR environment variable configuration, xml, customization new KaZeR enhancement/feature request minor
#1074 disable speech output in favor of beeping espeak, speech, navit.xml, sound new enhancement/feature request minor
#887 navit.xml: change position of poly_water and poly_park navit.xml poly_park polygone, map, rendering, style new KaZeR defect/bug trivial
#1112 WinCE: strftime eats percent sign when '%i' is used in filename format, leaving just 'i' in place xml, osd, display,strings reopened defect/bug trivial
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