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KaZeR (2 matches)

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#35 sort items by distance in the adress search dialog gui/internal version 0.6.0 enhancement/feature request 12/04/07

Most of the time, you want to go to the nearest city whose partial name matches your query. So items in city search should be sorted by distance, not necessarily by name (maybe put an option to choose how to sort).

#89 Implement texture rendering for polygons in gtk_drawing_area graphics/gtk_drawing version 0.6.0 enhancement/feature request 02/08/08

This could enhance map readability

http://wiki.navit-project.org/index.php/user:jkoan (1 match)

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#681 Please rename the "xpm" folder to "images" core version 0.5.1 enhancement/feature request 10/24/10


Since it holds many images in other formats than xpm (svg, svgz, png) the name "xpm" isn't anymore appropriate for the images folder.

Especially at installation stage it would make more sense to have these files installed into - say - /usr/share/navit/images instead of /usr/share/navit/xpm.


http://wiki.navit-project.org/index.php/user:robertp (1 match)

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#1202 osd_configuration does not apply to all osd types gui/internal defect/bug 04/07/14

Some osd element types do not take into account the current osd_configuration value. Text and button works, but scale and image does not.

I tried the following: <osd enabled="yes" x="180" y="-120" w="240" h="26" font_size="160" type="scale" osd_configuration="1"/> and it is displayed no matter what the value of osd_configuration is.

I'm using navit on a HP Pre3 with webOS 2.2.4

I will try with a more recent version and report back with the results.

kazer (1 match)

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#133 popup menu is too messy gui/gtk version 0.6.0 defect/bug 05/15/08

the popup menu is confusing, not fast and easy to use for regular (not developers) users.

I have made a video review of it here, please take a look: http://jeff.ecchi.ca/public/navit-usability-popup-menu.ogg

Basically, to sum things up:

  • don't make sub-levels
  • don't show anything that is not an action. That means the only items that stay in the menu are "Set as destination", "Set as position", "Add bookmark"
  • use icons besides the menu items to make them easier to visually locate. For example, reuse the existing destination icon.

robotaxi (1 match)

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#1160 osd lane guidance core version 0.6.0 enhancement/feature request 08/16/13

Last time we went around antwerp we went wrong on two exits due to the problem that you don't know exactly on what lane you have to stay if all of a sudden a five lane highway breaks up into 3 seperated ways ... so I was wondering if we could have something like osmand:


As Osmand is using openstreetmap data my the lane data should also be available to navit. so there might be an easy solution to this. if so please let me know, so we could have a small showcase of this feature in the osd layout section.



tryagain (2 matches)

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#1155 Maptool memory usage optimization tools version 0.5.1 defect/bug 07/25/13

It looks like we have hit our hardware limits with maptool. It has now peak memory consumption above 10G, but server cant give it so much.

That might be related to osm growth, our recent code changes.

I'm aware of memory leaks in the relation processing code, and will attempt to address them when i get to my dev environment next week.

For now, i see two possible solutions, one is to split maptool run into two parts with -s and -e options to drop any leaks between runs. If that won't help, i will try to reduce -S value (slice size), which though might increase processing time.

I do not think that increasing swap size is a way to go, but depending on how efficiently we'll be able to address memory apettites of maptool, server might require a memory upgrade.


#970 Binding to navit on Win32 core version 1.0 enhancement/feature request 11/24/11

Currently we have two binding interfaces for Navit: dbus and python. Both seem to be unavailiable on WinCE.

dbus interface, for example, is based on glib dbus helper functions which are not included in support/glib. IMHO these functions are hardly portable to WinCE, as they are in turn based on asyncronous IO which is quite special on WinCE. And there seems to be no working port of glib for WinCE.

Also, both these interfaces (dbus/python) require some additional ifnfrastructure on the target platform (dbus daemon/python installation).

So, I conclude, we need some very portable and easy to use control interface for navit.

I think this interface can be implemented as a feature to automaticaly parse and execute navit commands from textfile(s) placed to some configurable location.

Results can be reported into textfiles, too.

usul (2 matches)

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#708 missing 32x32 flags to select/show country in WVGA port/wince version 0.5.1 defect/bug 12/26/10

When selecting a town, the country selection icon is missing in WVGA (800x480). In QVGA, the same navit.exe works fine.

#766 stuff does not get drawn with lower zoomlevels (highway streets dissapear) core version 0.5.1 defect/bug 02/06/11

i put this into navit.xml

				<!-- autobahn / highway -->
				<itemgra item_types="highway_city,highway_land" order="0-1">
					<polyline color="#fc843b" width="10"/>
				<itemgra item_types="highway_city,highway_land" order="2">
					<polyline color="#fc843b" width="1"/>
				<itemgra item_types="highway_city,highway_land" order="3-5">
					<polyline color="#ff0000" width="10"/>
					<!--<polyline color="#fc843b" width="3"/>-->
					<polyline color="#fc843b" width="1"/>

the 2 pictures show the same map with zoom levels 4 and then 3 with zoom level 3 the highways should be drawn just the same (i think?) but as u can see the are almost all gone, only little peaces remain

xenos1984 (1 match)

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#869 Navit will not work on a TomTom One Device port/tomtom version 0.5.1 defect/bug 05/28/11


I have a TomTom? One (V2) Device an would use it to run navit.

I have installed the precompiled Version 4300 as on http://wiki.navit-project.org/index.php/Navit_on_TomTom descripted.

I can start navit an play around, all works fine _without_ a _valid_ GPS-Signal.

When I have a valid GPS-Signal, then the application will be killed after 2 or 3 minutes from the watchdog and the device will be reboot.

I have modified the startup-script and the watchdog feeding. I have two logfiles: the normal log and the wrapper-log.

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