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#1301 new defect/bug

English navigational messages have unnecessary suffixes pronounced — at Version 4

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Since r6090, navit in English mode attempts to pronounce some suffixes starting with pipe '|' character.

These messages look like an attempt to simulate GNU gettext contexts.

Unfortunately, we can't use pgettext right now, because it's not supported by the library version we have under support/gettext_intl (of version 0.14.1)

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So, possible options seem to be:

  • upgrade gettext_intl (and be ready to work with issues on older OSes, which have an older version of this library);
  • wider implement workaround like the one used here;

I have already used the last option in the Russian translation, and I think it is makes sense to announce direction of merge and, especially, u-turn manoeuvres. Maybe we could skip direction part for left u-turns and merges on right-handed roads. Same for right u-turns and merges on left-handed roads.

[Updated code links to point to proper 6090 svn revision]

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r5090 is the HighFive? merge, which does introduce some strings with suffixes. However, this was not my invention, as I have found similar strings in earlier versions of the code, which presumably suffer from the same issue.

r5090 attempts to fix that by providing an English translation (, which drops the suffixes from these strings (e.g. "merge|left" translates to "merge"). @tryagain: what is your platform and locale?

Another option would be to "sanitize" strings before passing them to the speech engine, i.e. look for a pipe character and, if found, drop it along with all that follows it.

Sourceforge is still down, so unfortunately the links don't help me much at the moment.

We need the contexts because some languages have distinctions which English doesn't have: e.g. "into Main Street" and "into Market Square" become "in *die* Hauptstraße" and "in *den* Marktplatz" in German.

As for directions of merge and U turns: I intentionally left those out as they're mostly redundant. In countries that drive on the right, merge maneuvers and U-turns are almost always to the left (and vice versa for countries that drive on the left). Announcing the direction would result in lots of redundant information being announced (which some drivers, and even more passengers, find annoying – it's short of announcing "stay on the motorway" at each exit).

Unfortunately Navit currently doesn't have a way to figure out which side of the road we should be driving on, so we can't figure out if the direction of the maneuver differs from the "default".

For now I'd stick with direction-agnostic announcements and have drivers refer to the navigation icons or the map. If one day we have some way of figuring out the "default" direction for those maneuvers, we can introduce the direction for non-default maneuvers.

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