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#448 new enhancement/feature request

Stateful menu

Reported by: Owned by: cp15
Priority: major Milestone: version 0.6.0
Component: gui/internal Version: git master
Severity: Keywords: usability, poi


The menu is not stateful at this moment; it would be nice if it were. A stateful menu will save a lot of typing and messing about.

Use case 1

I'm on holiday in France and I want to find a suitable camping in a certain area. I click on the map, go to Actions -> Map location -> POIs, and filter the list of POIs to show only hotels and campings. There are three campings in the area, and I want to check all of them out on the map to look at the surrounding area.

After I select the first camping POI and click "Show on map" I decide I don't like that camping and I want to look at the other one. In order to show the next camping on the map, I have to perform the entire search again from the beginning. I have to navigate back to the centre of my search query, then search and filter the POIs again, then select the second one and show it on the map. To show the third camping, I have to do all of this yet another time.

Use case 2

My grandmother has moved to a new home in Amsterdam. I'm not too sure about the street she lives in, but I can use the town/street search to narrow it down to two streets. To do this I click on the map, and choose Actions -> Town, type "Amster", choose Amsterdam, choose Streets, type the part of the street I remember. I click one street, select "Show on map" and see it's not the one I need.

In order to take a look at the other street I found, I have to do that all over again - type the town, type the partial street name, and all the clicks in between.

Proposed behaviour

After a POI or street has been selected from a list, the user can go back to the list by clicking on "..". When the user selects "Show on map" the map is shown and centred on the selected item. When the map is clicked again, the menu should be shown with the same item selected, and the same context - when clicking ".." the user should be presented with the same list of POIs/streets/other searchables.

Related to comment:ticket:439:1

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THanks for this detailed usecase. We are currently working on a redesign of the internal ui menu

As usability is in focus of the next major release, I assign this ticket to 0.6

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