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#467 new enhancement/feature request

increase configuration abilities, iconset image format — at Initial Version

Reported by: smt Owned by: cp15
Priority: major Milestone: version 0.6.0
Component: gui/internal Version: git master
Severity: Keywords: ui, xml, customization


k, since im not native english and im not shure if im at the right place right here this texts is ganna be a little bigger, so sorry for that.

Im just working on an "as generic as possible" configuration for navits (internal) gui and ran into some disadvantages (that i couldnt find information or solution for)

my goal is the following: i created a base layout wich i moved out of the userspace i created a generic mapset config (for osm maps only) that will fetch all maps in a specific location (~/.navit/maps) now i want to do the same for skins and inconsets so if the user creates or fetches another theme he should just copy it over to ~/.navit/skins/skin-name/ and it should be recognized by navit and ability sould be provided from the gui to switch the available skins same to iconsets i want to locate them to ~/.navit/icons/set-name and have the ability to choose from gui too a perfect thing for the last task would be to be able to define in navit.xml the pathes that should be searchd for available themes/iconsets plus having navit to only request one image format e.g. right now navits requesting some icons in .png, some in .xpm and even some in .svg format.. i guess it would be a great thing if it would just request kind of a template "poi_name.format", where the very best thing would be if the actual format could be defined in a configuration file belonging to the respective icon_set (navit looks for available iconsets (folders under ~/.navit/icons) -> fetching iconset's configuration file wich contains a list of items thats been covered (by name) and a configuration point named image format which contains the image format thats valid for the whole iconset) items that are not available in the user-chosen iconset should just silently be ignored

i think adding this flexibility would be a big plus for navit, because of all that design freaks out there would have a consistent and easy to handle way to customize navits look and feel to their needs

now ive got one more point: the internal-guis menu should be customizable too (i know the icons can be replaced, but what i think of is just having the ability to define icons positions, menus backgrounds, and even just dropping unused items (e.g. in a system thats completely designed for touchscreen usage, there will be a systemwide onscreen keyboard, so it would be great to just remove navit's osk, cause its not nessecary then, and would make room to enlarge the (city-or-streets) list (wich needs scrollbars and/or up down buttons btw.)

long speech short, internal gui needs a little more love and flexibility ;-) would be greate if we could see some of that things (if not all ;-) ) in the near future. p.s. im doing all that stuff for the linuxICE project

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