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Welcome to Navit's Trac

If you are looking for user documentation, please have a look at

This place is only for development-related tracking.

If you want to participate in this bug tracker, you will need an auth using you wiki username.

Get help

You're not alone :)

The best place to get support is IRC : channel #navit

You can also subscribe to our user-support mailling list :

Otherwise, you can use the forums / help requests :

Reporting a bug

Please don't forget to put your email address or something like that so we can contact you if we need more info. Requests for an account on the bugtracker are welcome, see above. Please try to give as more details as possible about how to reproduce the bug you're reporting, the version of navit you're using, your platform, etc.

Please don't report bugs about OSM maps without having tried with the latest SVN build and a fresh map from our map extractor.

*Please* try with our maps before reporting a bug : other maps providers like cloudmade sometimes use a slightly outdated maptool.

Submitting a feature request

Create a New Ticket?, and set the type to 'enhancement'. Please also provide a contact, so we can ask you details if needed.