Ticket #315: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign

File hyphen-used-as-minus-sign, 1.6 KB (added by Pini, 13 years ago)
1Escapes minus signs in the osm2navit manpage.
2Index: navit/man/osm2navit.1
4--- navit.orig/man/osm2navit.1  2009-02-23 13:51:38.000000000 +0100
5+++ navit/man/osm2navit.1       2009-02-23 13:52:10.000000000 +0100
6@@ -9,43 +9,43 @@
7 osm2navit parses osm textfile and converts to NavIt binfile format
9 .TP
10-\-h (--help)
11+\-h (\-\-help)
12 display a short help message
13 .TP
14-\-N (--nodes-only)
15+\-N (\-\-nodes-only)
16 process only nodes
17 .TP
18-\-W (--ways-only)
19+\-W (\-\-ways-only)
20 process only ways
21 .TP
22-\-a (--attr-debug-level)
23+\-a (\-\-attr-debug-level)
24 control which data is included in the debug attribute
25 .TP
26-\-c (--dump-coordinates)
27+\-c (\-\-dump-coordinates)
28 dump coordinates after phase 1
29 .TP
30-\-d (--db) <connect string>
31+\-d (\-\-db) <connect string>
32 get osm data out of a postgresql database with osm simple scheme and given connect string
33 .TP
34-\-e (--end) <phase>
35+\-e (\-\-end) <phase>
36 end at specified phase
37 .TP
38-\-k (--keep-tmpfiles)
39+\-k (\-\-keep-tmpfiles)
40 do not delete tmp files after processing. useful to reuse them
41 .TP
42-\-o (--coverage)
43+\-o (\-\-coverage)
44 map every street to item overage
45 .TP
46-\-s (--start) <phase>
47+\-s (\-\-start) <phase>
48 start at specified phase
49 .TP
50-\-i (--input-file) <file>
51+\-i (\-\-input-file) <file>
52 specify the input file name (OSM), overrules default stdin
53 .TP
54-\-w (--dedupe-ways)
55+\-w (\-\-dedupe-ways)
56 ensure no duplicate ways or nodes. useful when using several input files
57 .TP
58-\-z (--compression-level) <level>
59+\-z (\-\-compression-level) <level>
60 set the compression level
62 Should you find one, please report it :