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1100103  17:25 this script used to feed navit a list of destinations, one at the time
2and set the next waypoint as destination if you are near the current waypoint
4This makes it possible to set a route from A to B via C,
5by just puting the lat/lon pairs in a file:
651.1234;5.1234;Point A
752.1234;6.1234;Point C
853.1234;7.1234;Point B
10And if A is your starting point, that can be ommitted altogether.
12So instead of having the shortest route, or the fastest route, you can now plan a
13route along a road with the maximum number of sharp bents in it.
14(ideal for motorcycle lovers)
15Or you can share a route you drove and enjoyed with others.
16I think you can use itinerary files used by other navigation software too, if they have the fields in the same order.
18How does this all work?
19Well, the script is intended to be placed in the subdirectroy "scripts" in your home directory (mkdir ~/scripts)
20and to be started by cron every minute. (* * * * * if test -x ~/scripts/waypoint.sh; then ~/scripts/waypoint.sh; fi)
21It will then read nmea data from gpsd (needs to be running anyway)
22and convert that data with gpsbabel.  (needs to be installed)
23This wil give you the current lat/long.
24If the current lat/lon is close enough to the current waypoint, the next waypoint is set as destination by a dbus call.
25(libbinding_dbus.so" active="yes" needs to be set in navit.xml and dbus needs to be running, but it probably is)
27How close is close?
28Well, that is defined by the MAX_DELTA parameter in the script.
29for example, with max_delta=10000 and the waypoint at lat=52.100 and long 5.100 then any location between 52.000,5.000 and 52.200,5.200
30would be considered "close" (100 * 100 = 10000)
32                                              52.100,5.100 and 52.100,5.100
33with a max_delta of 1024 any location between 52.068,5.068 and 52.132,5.132 would be close ( 32 * 32 = 1024 ) -> aprox 10   Km radius at this latitude
34with a max_delta of  100 any location between 52.090,5.090 and 52.110,5.110 would be close ( 10 * 10 =  100 ) -> aprox  2   Km radius at this latitude
35with a max_delta of    9 any location between 52.097,5.097 and 52.103,5.103 would be close (  3 *  3 =    9 ) -> aprox  0.1 Km radius at this latitude
36If this script is ran every minute and your max speed is 120 Km/h (=2 Km/min) you don't want to go below max_delta=100,
37or you might overshoot your waypoint.
39In case you can not reach your next waypoint because there is a roadblock or you changed your mind, do the following:
40edit the ~/itinerary.csv file and remove the problematic waypoints.
41Then remove the destination.set file (rm /dev/shm/destination.set).
42The next time the script is run by cron the new waypoint is set as destination.
44It is easiest to keep a source file and copy that to the ~/itinerary.csv file,
45the ~/itinerary.csv is removed and recreated every time you are near a waypoint.
47This script is free software, feel free to use and/or modify it in anyway you like, for example add fields to have a per waypoint max_delta.
48Please don't operate a laptop/pda while driving, let someone else drive while you use this script.
50Have fun, adn drive safely!
52Kind regards,