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#1109 Address search is very slow on PND address, search, performance, wince new KaZeR enhancement/feature request critical
#1158 Routing crash on WinCE routing, crash, wince, reopened KaZeR defect/bug critical
#665 Wrong display resolution on HTC Touch HD (Blackstone) wince, display, ui new defect/bug major
#775 file_wordexp_new:wordexp(..) failures on cygwin cygwin, gcc new KaZeR defect/bug major
#996 Bookmarks problem on Windows windows, installer new KaZeR defect/bug major
#1032 WinCE cab packaging is broken because too many image files exist icons, wince new KaZeR defect/bug major
#1125 WinCE: internal GUI omits description when it contains special chars (german umlauts) gui/internal WinCE Umlauts special chars new mcr42 defect/bug major
#712 Enable use of smartphone's own 'software' keyboard keyboard wince android i18n reopened enhancement/feature request minor
#1166 winCE onscreen icons far too small. no response to w="nn" h="mm" winCE, OSD, dimension, portability new KaZeR defect/bug minor
#1317 Include multi window support for android Multi Window, Android new cp15 enhancement/feature request minor
#699 navit stops reading from gpsd sometimes after resuming machine from suspend wince, gps, standby new KaZeR defect/bug trivial
#978 Use GetWindowLongPtr and GWLP_HINSTANCE. windows, win32, api, code quality new defect/bug trivial
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