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#1294 Expose icons as customizable XML entry new cp15 enhancement/feature request minor version 1.0
#1298 Android: cmd_interface OSDs keep running after quitting Navit, causing SIGSEGV new cp15 defect/bug major
#1305 Improve responsiveness in address search new cp15 defect/bug major
#1307 Button with empty icon source src="" does not work new cp15 defect/bug major version 0.6.0
#1318 GTK+ context menu - traffic distortion (blocked) and copying coordinates to clipboard not working new cp15 defect/bug minor
#1357 gtk Display->Follow Vehicle checkmark set when follow_cursor set to 0. new cp15 defect/bug minor
#1366 Android apk Generation new cp15 defect/bug major version 0.6.0
#772 Balloon 'drive here' is very unpredictable assigned defect/bug minor version 0.6.0
#806 Changing the vehicle in Navit's menu doesn't change the vehicle marked active in the vehicle list assigned defect/bug major version 0.6.0
#1353 Build fails if build directory path contains space characters assigned defect/bug major version 0.6.0
#1202 osd_configuration does not apply to all osd types assigned defect/bug minor
#1302 Announce roundabout exit number earlier new jandegr defect/bug major
#1359 Provide Nepal as an independant download new jkoan defect/bug major version 0.6.0
#1125 WinCE: internal GUI omits description when it contains special chars (german umlauts) new mcr42 defect/bug major version 0.6.0
#660 roads joining at obtuse angle do not create navigation maneuver new mvglasow (2) defect/bug major version 0.6.0
#1361 item.priv_data type causes confusion new mvglasow (2) defect/bug minor version 0.6.0
#1160 osd lane guidance assigned robotaxi enhancement/feature request major version 0.6.0
#77 take into account expense of doing a u-turn when routing new somebody enhancement/feature request minor version 0.6.0
#98 Special rendering for one way streets reopened somebody enhancement/feature request minor want patch / contribution
#913 Vehicle using NMEA, update position upon GPGGA sentence reopened defect/bug major version 0.6.0
#1224 Windows window resolution settings issue new defect/bug major
#1237 (win32) downloadtool maps new enhancement/feature request trivial version 1.0
#1242 about screen not centered new enhancement/feature request minor
#712 Enable use of smartphone's own 'software' keyboard reopened enhancement/feature request minor version 0.6.0
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