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#1198 Battery level indicator new Singesang minor version 0.6.0 osd/core
#1200 Missing config file for using the system D-Bus new cp15 major dbus
#1203 Runtime enable/disable of OSD element new cp15 minor gui/internal
#1204 Make number of warnings for route_guard configurable new KaZeR minor core
#1205 Take into account the cost/expense of turns in routing new KaZeR minor core
#1207 add filter field for poi result list new cp15 major gui/gtk
#1209 add possiblity to choose folder for map download new KaZeR major core
#1211 Search Names for "Saint..." new KaZeR minor core
#1217 android: check /mnt/extSdCard/navit as config directory first new cp15 major port/android
#1225 Choosing a destination using zipcode+housenumber new bafplus major gui/internal
#1226 Additional Compass Features new Singesang major version 0.6.0 osd/core
#1229 windows-open cmd screen new bafplus minor core
#1232 Idea for solving GPS jittering and outages (also: tunnel extrapolation) new KaZeR major version 1.0 core
#1233 odometer "time" always running new Singesang minor osd/core
#1234 Android: enable magnetic compass new KaZeR minor core
#1235 Mapsforge map driver new cp15 minor version 1.0 mapdrivers/OSM
#1236 speed-warner adding languagetags new Singesang minor osd/core
#1237 (win32) downloadtool maps new trivial version 1.0 port/windows
#1239 External settings file new KaZeR minor core
#1242 about screen not centered new minor port/windows
#1255 osd: Allow "remaining space" size specifier new cp15 major gui/internal
#1258 Bidirectional Dijkstra Routing new KaZeR major want patch / contribution core
#1277 adjustable distance for speed-camera new Singesang minor osd/core
#1285 Android Rastermaps new cp15 major port/android
#1288 Support for other OSM maps new cp15 major mapdrivers/OSM
#1293 Expose current layout as variable to enable_expression new Singesang trivial version 1.0 osd/core
#1294 Expose icons as customizable XML entry new cp15 minor version 1.0 gui/internal
#1310 Specify roundabout exit in roadbook new KaZeR major version 0.6.0 core
#1311 Print roadbook to paper / Export to PDF new KaZeR minor version 0.6.0 core
#1313 Better out of the box experience for the desktop version new KaZeR major core
#1317 Include multi window support for android new cp15 minor version 0.6.0 port/android
#69 Suggestion: add announcement when the route is re-calculated reopened KaZeR minor version 0.6.0 core
#98 Special rendering for one way streets reopened somebody minor want patch / contribution core
#242 follow="1" refresh="1" should be a togglable item in the GUI reopened KaZeR minor version 0.6.0 core
#262 conform to the freedesktop XDG user directories specification reopened KaZeR minor version 0.6.0 core
#395 xi:include of non-existing file is ignored reopened KaZeR minor version 0.6.0 core
#425 Feature request street crossing street (display streets intersecting currently selected street) reopened KaZeR minor version 0.6.0 core
#442 Cursor centering offset should be speed dependent reopened KaZeR major version 0.6.0 core
#519 Enable conditionals inside OSD text label (to show either road name or road ref) reopened kazer minor version 0.6.0 core
#710 screen rotation: some osd types do not work with negative positions reopened cp15 minor version 0.6.0 osd/core
#712 Enable use of smartphone's own 'software' keyboard reopened minor version 0.6.0 core
#905 Add better support for hiking into navit reopened Singesang minor osd/core
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