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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#869 Navit will not work on a TomTom One Device xenos1984 defect/bug critical version 0.6.0 port/tomtom
#35 sort items by distance in the adress search dialog KaZeR enhancement/feature request major version 0.6.0 gui/internal
#89 Implement texture rendering for polygons in gtk_drawing_area KaZeR enhancement/feature request major version 0.6.0 graphics/gtk_drawing
#133 popup menu is too messy kazer defect/bug major version 0.6.0 gui/gtk
#708 missing 32x32 flags to select/show country in WVGA usul defect/bug major version 0.6.0 port/wince
#806 Changing the vehicle in Navit's menu doesn't change the vehicle marked active in the vehicle list defect/bug major version 0.6.0 port/android
#970 Binding to navit on Win32 tryagain enhancement/feature request major version 1.0 core
#1160 osd lane guidance robotaxi enhancement/feature request major version 0.6.0 core
#1353 Build fails if build directory path contains space characters defect/bug major version 0.6.0 core
#766 stuff does not get drawn with lower zoomlevels (highway streets dissapear) usul defect/bug minor version 0.6.0 core
#772 Balloon 'drive here' is very unpredictable defect/bug minor version 0.6.0 port/android
#1202 osd_configuration does not apply to all osd types defect/bug minor gui/internal
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