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#379 wontfix crashes on attempting to render any text on the map (svn 2310, fedora 11) KaZeR AdamW
Description I'm putting together a Navit package for Fedora (I previously maintained the Mandriva navit package). I have 0.1.0 built and working well, but it's rather old, so I thought I'd do current svn instead. However, it crashes as soon as it should render any text to the map - with a dead stock navit.xml it crashes immediately on startup (because it starts up centred on the example map), if I enable my GPS and use the maps for my local area, it runs OK when it starts up (with a blank orange canvas in the map area, because the maps for my local area don't cover the default centring position) but as soon as it locks onto my GPS position (and hence should render the map, because my GPS position *is* covered by my local maps), it crashes.

This is with a clean build and install, and a dead stock navit.xml. The only patches in the build are (which stops it trying to download the sample map as part of the build - instead it's provided as one of the source files to the build) and the patch from bug #329 to fix the definition of the 'moc' command (since on fedora it's not plain 'moc', it's 'moc-qt4'). Neither of these should affect this issue at all.

The trace from the crash, with debuginfo packages installed, is:

that's from the 'stock navit.xml' case, but the errors in the 'my local maps' case are very similar, with the same freetype-related stuff looking to be at the bottom of the pile.
#356 fixed illegal route calculation KaZeR Carcinoma
Description The route goes over the "Ostseestraße" on the wrong side. the side on wich the route is can not be driven in this direction. the southern side of the street should be used.

Script calculates the route and shows the wrong part of the route.
#271 Incomplete/Missing infos resolution problem wince qvga Cklein
Description Hi all,
first time trying navit on a windows mobile (5). The resolution seems to be for VGA devices so in my QVGA (240 x 320) buttons are not shown so it can't be used. Checking the navit.xml file doesn't show any resolution tag, so I don't know if it can be changed. Thanks for navit!

Bests regards
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