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#419 Incomplete/Missing infos "Bookmarks" for names in Towns search KaZeR
Description It would be nice if the towns search (Actions -> Towns) had a list of bookmarks. I live in Amsterdam, and many of the streets I want to navigate to are in Amsterdam. However, before I can select Amsterdam from the list of towns I have to type at least "amster". Being able to select Amsterdam from a list would be very useful.

Before the user has typed any letters, the list of towns is empty. This provides a nice space to show the list of bookmarks.

If the name "bookmark" is confusing because it is already used somewhere else, "preferred town", "town bookmark", "townmark" or "remembered town" could be usable alternatives.
#1123 fixed "Dollar S" in anouncment KaZeR
Description I took the newest version on my Windows-system. In the announcments often appears the text "$s". This did not happen in my former version. I tested the available versions and found, that in version 5452 the announcment works properly. In the next version ( 5463) and all newer versions I noticed the the described effect.
I will add the log-File and the debug-File. In the debug-File the text ist listed as e.g.
0x10f390 0x5dd808 type=announcement label="$s $s$s abbiegen$s"
#549 fixed "Friendly" latitude/longitude values Singesang mvglasow
Description In order to get current position displayed in OSD, the only way currently is by using position_coord_geo, which returns a NMEA-style string. It would be much nicer if there was an attribute returning the coordinates in a more pleasant way, similar what the internal GUI menu does with


It would be preferable to have two attributes, one for latitude and one for longitude, in order to display them in separate rows.
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