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#1324 fixed Generate maneuvers asynchronously mvglasow (2) mvglasow (2)
Description #456 mentions a tweak to the `route_depth` settings, which is needed in order to make Navit consider primary roads for long-distance routing. This setting is needed in some parts of Europe where the motorway/trunk network is sparse (notably parts of Czech republic and Poland); without it, Navit will either not find a route at all or suggest huge detours.

The setting I use is `route_depth="4:25%,6:1%,8:40000,18:10000"`.

This tweak has worked well for me for a long time. However, after introducing HighFive, I've noticed that long routes (example: Munich-Łódź, approx. 1000 km) now take extremely long to calculate, due to the larger route map (more nodes to examine) and the extra processing at each potential maneuver. The same is true for route recalulation (e.g. after a wrong turn), where this behavior is even more annoying.

Currently I see a few potential ways to tackle this issue:
* Reduce the route graph, as described in #1066. This decreases the number of nodes to examine by dropping nodes which have exactly two connecting ways. These nodes would never generate maneuvers anyway, hence no need for navigation.c to examine them. This would save both memory and processing time.
* Review the changes made in navigation.c, especially those concerning `maneuver_required2()`, and try to optimize them by running expensive operations (such as iterations over all ways connecting to a node) on as few nodes as possible.
* When recalculating a route, do not discard the old route immediately but keep it in memory. When generating maneuvers, find where the new route joins the old one and reuse the old route's maneuvers rather than generating them again from scratch. Note that this will only speed up recalculation (not initial calculation), and can be used only if the recalculation is due to deviation from the route. If at a later time we were to add recalculation due to traffic distortions, we'd need some extra logic for reusing route portions.

Assigning to myself as I was involved in the project that introduced the issue, as well as a heavy user of the `route_depth` tweak.
#1322 fixed map download from android is broken KaZeR kazer
Description Got a user report.

Ich kann keine Karten mehr downloaden.
Der Zähler bleibt einfach bei 0 stehen.
Neuinstallation bringt auch nix.
Sony Xperia Z
Android 5.1.1.

Confirmed that the default map server is not working as expected.
#1320 Incomplete/Missing infos random crashes when scrolling map KaZeR rico (2)
Description Hi,

navit randomly crashes when scrolling the map over big distances. It seems, in function event_glib_call_timeout_single in event_glib.c sometimes an invalid timerevent gets removed.

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