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#512 fixed compile errors using arm-mingw32ce of CeGCC 0.59.1 woglinde mis
Description missing references to

- ssize_t in util.c (is declared in <sys/types.h>)

- g_assert() in street.c (can be replaced by dbg_assert)

The changes in the attached patches don't break the linux build.
#661 fixed Cann't install on HTC Hero 2.1 woglinde foxxi59
Description by install from


(all types)

the install crashes with "Anwendung nicht installiert"

on HTC Hero with android 2.1 - Update.

Last testet svn-version: 3571
Last installed svn-version: 3532
#671 fixed Make opengl graphics driver operational woglinde tegzed
Hello All,

Recently I worked on the opengl driver for navit to make it operational in the current navit framwork. After some modifications I was able to run it on my Ubuntu system.

The following changes were done:

* the driver is successfully fitted into the current event system of Navit.
* font handling is adopted from gtk_drawing_area driver (there are still coloring and performance issues)
* display list based overlay handling is implemented
* added image handling using freeimage library

Dependencies of the current implementation:
* freeglut glut implementation
* freeimage image processing library

Known issues:
* font coloring
* font rendering performance
* need to add proper autoconf rules to carry out compile time checks
* modify opengl context initialization to support better integration into gtk and other opengl embeddable GUIs
* positions of osd items are not updated immediately on resize
* vehicle cursor is not displayed

The driver is still incomplete but if you want to try it out you will need to copy the attached files (Makefile and graphics_opengl.c) to navit/navit/graphics/opengl/ in the source tree and compile it. You will need to enable opengl plugin by adding the following line to the plugins secion of navit.xml :

<plugin path="$NAVIT_LIBDIR/*/${NAVIT_LIBPREFIX}" active="yes"/>

and setting the graphics type to opengl:

<graphics type="opengl"/>

The driver is developed using the internal gui support for other guis will possibly be added later.

If you find any unknown issues please let me know via this ticket or even better send your patch to fix them. :)

David Tegze
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