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#781 fixed android csv-maps zoff99 zaatlob -2-
Description Hello,

I am trying to use csv-maps in android. I added the next lines to my xml:
<mapset enabled="yes">
<map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="/sdcard/navitmap.bin"/>
<map type="csv" enabled="yes" data="/sdcard/navit/poi_hotels.txt" item_type="poi_hotels" attr_types="position_longitude,position_latitude,label" />

The files has this structuur:






The last entry is of the formule1 in Metz.
If i search around hotels for that city, this entry isn't in the index. Neither is the hotel to see on the map.

The path and the name of the file is corretly spelled with the right case.

Anyone knows it this is a bug, there are some settings i have to change or that i am doing something wrong.
I am using adroid 2.1 and the apk build on the 15 of februari.

#782 fixed double citynames KaZeR zaatlob -2-
Description If i search for a street in amsterdam zuidoost i have first to select the city.
But in the list does appears amsterdam, but amsterdam zuid oost is not in the list.
If i check on the navit map, the street is marked as part of the city amsterdam zuidoost
#783 duplicate keeping favourites after update KaZeR zaatlob -2-
Description Is it possible to keep the favourites in a file outside navit main map. So that after you update your favourites are not gone?
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