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#102 invalid Navit (SDL) crashes when GPS receiver connected KaZeR sk <stefan.klumpp@…>
Description Navit (latest cvs) crashes using the SDL interface when GPS receiver is connected. Works flawlessly with GTK.

First try:

After deleting destination.txt:
#103 fixed Failed to load a garmin map KaZeR agnonchik@…
Description Hi,

Navit failed to load a garmin map:

garmin.c:193:1|libgarmin 0.1-r278 initializing as GPS Backend
garmin.c:447:1|Loading /usr/local/share/navit/maps/50.img as TDB
garmin_tdb.c:66:1|Can not open:[/usr/local/share/navit/maps/50.img] errno=1(Operation not permitted)
garmin.c:226:1|Implement me

I'll appload the map.

#106 wontfix some minimal openstreetmap/submit/edit support KaZeR anonymous
Description it would be nice to be able to record GPS tracks and automatically submit them to

-- simple solution --

a simple menu entry "start/stop recording" and a small dialog, where the user can add some tags like name of street, type of track (highway, oneway etc) or point of interest, before submitting the the openstreetmap server (as soon the device is online).

-- not so simple advanced solution --

direct openstreetmap database access, simplification of GPS tracks (removal of all points that don't contribute enough to the accuracy of the complete track polygon). Automatic start/stop of recording, as soon the user is leaving the known streets.

I don't know enough about the navit-architecture, thus I can't say whether this is a core or mapdrivers/OSM component request.
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