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#39 fixed navit won't put the car on service roads anonymous hafting
Description Normally, you don't plan a route through service roads. But service roads (highway=service for the osm map) may very well be the starting point or the destination. The final road(s) into a parking lot is often a service road. Small roads inside an industrial area are also service roads, and navigating them is useful when visiting a factory. If the GPS say I am there, then I am there. So using the service roads should be possible. Giving them a really low speed is probably enough to keep Dijkstra from un-necessary service road trips.
#40 fixed Routing for different vehicles (car,bus,bicycle,foot) wanted KaZeR hafting
Description Navit currently routes cars. Still, it directed me to use a bus-only road.[[BR]]

Different modes for different uses would be nice.[[BR]]

* car: Use all roads open to cars, and prefer the best [[BR]]
* bus: allow bus-only roads as well, otherwise as for cars[[BR]]
* bus,truck: Avoid roads(bridges etc.) with weight/sizerestrictions. Vehicle weight and size should be configurable.[[BR]]
* bicycle: prefer cycleways, disallow motorways[[BR]]
* foot: prefer footways, disallow motorways
#42 fixed I get close, but never reach the goal somebody hafting
Description I can use navit for driving somewhere. But the goal is never reached. So when I go back, navit still wants me to turn around. Navit should consider the goal reached when you are on the correct road and within some (configurable) small distance away. I have seen other apps using 100m
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