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#774 Incomplete/Missing infos NULL Ptr Crashes when Loading Config (with some fixes) KaZeR jwernerny -2-
Description I updated my svn working copy and tried to run it and found several places where NULL pointers were being dereferenced when the wordexp (in particular file_wordexp_new(..)) failed. This was causing crashes. I am including some brute force patches.

[The failure of file_wordexp_new(..) will be opened as another issue.]

The files affected are
- navit/xmlconfig.c (revision 4155)
- navit/map/textfile/textfile.c (revision 4155)
- navit/map/binfile/binfile.c (revision 4155)
#839 Incomplete/Missing infos zoom_to_route key binding - follow and autozoom disabled KaZeR antenna
Description Zoom to route works for a few seconds only (if you scrolled over the map and depending on the gps updates set in navit.xml), after that the map centers back on the cursor. As long as you are in zoom_to_route mode "follow" ( and autozoom if used) should be diabled and vice versa if you click another time on the zoom_to_route icon (or use the key binding). Also, it should jump back to the original zoom you were using before.
#843 Incomplete/Missing infos Filter for POI display in the map KaZeR elhennig
Description It would be great if there was a filter to display only a certain kind of POIs in the Map (for example gas stations or ATMs).
Currently there is only a possibility to switch POIs on or off entirely.
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