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#404 fixed typo in breaks pkg-config based moc detection KaZeR adamw
Description SVN rev 2387 - - broke pkg-config based detection of moc. This is because of a simple typo: it uses $PKGCONFIG , which is incorrect. The correct variable name is $PKG_CONFIG . I have verified the problem and the fix. It's visible here because there's no binary in a system path called plain 'moc', so the fallback doesn't work. This is critical as it breaks build of navit on systems which don't have a binary called 'moc' (which is fairly common, as bug #329 - the reason this detection is done in the first place - shows).
#231 fixed turn-by-turn direction's output to fast cp15 SlowRider
Description In case of complex crossing, Navit simply outputs to much instructions in little time. This leads to two disadvantages:
* The speech engine needs some time to actually speak the workds, so the spoken workds averlap
* The driver might get confused

Looking at TomTom, I remember its ability to collect such instructions into one. Instead of two single "turn left" and "turn right" instruction, you get one "turn left, then turn right" instruction.
#59 fixed tts messages somebody matth
Description add more message to the tts system:
for example:
"take the second exit in roundabout"
against "turn left" if you enter a highway "enter now highway xy"
say the estimated time, km to destination every 5-10 minutes depending on whole lenght of the route
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