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#108 fixed Demo vehicle speed improvements KaZeR anonymous
Description When I use the demo vehicle it travels at 40kph.
This is not very useful in rehearsing a route that is 300Km long.

Three suggestions:

- the speed of the demo vehicle should match the <speed> value for the road type.

- <vehicle> should include a parameter value speedfactor="n" to speed up the demo vehicle by that factor, so if I set speedfactor="5" and a particular street type has a speed value of 40, then the demo vehicle should appear to travel at 200kph

- it would be even better if the vehicle speed was settable via the GUI in real time so you could speed up the boring bits more
#113 worksforme cards has holes - routing defect KaZeR mifritscher
Description I used the map from
On lower zoom levels there are many holes in streets etc., which are gone away if I zome in.
But if I want to route a way with a bigger distance from say 100 km, it can't find a route, too. Perhaps these bugs are linked in any way?
#114 worksforme ghost espeak processes piling up KaZeR kiddo
Description when using this in the configuration file:[[BR]]

<speech type="cmdline" data="espeak -s 150 -v french '%s' &amp;" />

ghost processes of espeak will be created each time navit speaks. Those process eat up 250mb of ram over a 2 hour car trip.

This doesn't seem to be espeak's fault, because doing that command myself in a terminal does not create a leftover process.
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