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#43 fixed Street names are displayed in bad ways KaZeR hafting
Description There are several problems with street names:
* They are mostly printed on long straight sections of road. So curved roads, even slight curves don't get a name at all. It looks like the road isn't named. Names that follow the turns in the road would help.

* It looks like names are printed over and over, once for each straight segment if they are long enough. So some names occur over and over, and overlaps slightly. After a name there should be a pause of some length, where the name isn't printed again. This avoids "crowding".

* When a road is displayed much wider than the text height, please use a bigger font. The small fonts are necessary with lots of small roads, but bigger writing is much easier to read while driving.
#46 fixed It'd be nice to have several waypoints, not only a destination tryagain hafting
Description It is nice to have several waypoints, when you reach one, go on to the next. Hopefully not hard to add. Useful for vacation planning, enter the locations of all the hotels in advance.

In some cases it is also useful to have unordered waypoints. When you reach one, proceed to the nearest unvisited one. Or even better - have navit calculate the best order. (Yes, that in the NP-complete travelling salesman problem, but not hopeless for 4-5 points. :-)

Either case of unordered waypoints is useful when making several deliveries.
#48 fixed navit seg faults when all mapsets are disabled somebody reddog@…
Description Navit gets segfaults when all mapsets are disabled and you click on the destination button in the menubar.[[BR]]
The function mapset_search_new() can't search on nothing.[[BR]]
The function navit_get_mapset() can't return nothing.[[BR]]
I think navit should load (finds no maps), print an information dialog, and disable the destination button.
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