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#531 duplicate trunk road too low priority in routing KaZeR mapper07
Description trunk roads are generally converted into the map as street_4_city. Here in austria there are some trunk roads which look like and are like an highway (maxspeed also 130km/h 2 lanes)
This makes complete wrong routes, through cities and so on.

In my case the problem streets are the S33 from St. Pölten to Krems and the S5 from Krems to Stockerau.

There is another "Schnellstraße" in Austria with the same problem.
The S6 goes from Neunkirchen to Leoben

They are all taged with maxspeed and lanes tag, so maybe convert these roads as motorways in osm2navit.
#642 fixed truck profile KaZeR chr
Description Hi,
Here comes a first vehicleprofile for a truck.

The speed profiling should work, even though I expect it has to be adapted.

Size and weight settings are untested and will depend on the map data.


#422 wontfix tracking=0 causes CPU load > 30% KaZeR
Description On my Neo Freerunner, SHR Unstable, when tracking=0 the CPU load is 32-45% while Navit is idling (no routing, navigation nor map position updates). In comparison: when tracking=1, CPU usage is down to 2-5%.

I ran Navit in GDB, and pressed Ctrl+C to interrupt it and see what it was doing:

Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
0x0001b64c in street_get_data (item=0x176230) at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/route.c:2239
2239 /work/compile/navit/src/navit/route.c: No such file or directory.
in /work/compile/navit/src/navit/route.c
(gdb) bt
#0 0x0001b64c in street_get_data (item=0x176230) at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/route.c:2239
#1 0x0001bea8 in route_find_nearest_street (vehicleprofile=0xb1010, ms=<value optimized out>, pc=0x68be52)
at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/route.c:2356
#2 0x0001d580 in route_set_position (this=0xbf2d0, pos=0xbef3e4dc)
at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/route.c:727
#3 0x000367fc in navit_vehicle_update (this_=0x59258, nv=0xb16c0)
at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/navit.c:2041
#4 0x0002a14c in callback_call (cb=0xb1710, pcount=0, p=0xbef3e5b0)
at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/callback.c:178
#5 0x0002a234 in callback_list_call_attr (l=<value optimized out>, type=attr_any, pcount=2, p=0x57d00)
at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/callback.c:219
#6 0x0002a2d0 in callback_list_call_args (cbl=0x176230, count=0)
at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/callback.c:254
#7 0x40d30734 in vehicle_gpsd_callback (data=0xba698, buf=<value optimized out>, len=<value optimized out>,
level=<value optimized out>) at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/vehicle/gpsd/vehicle_gpsd.c:154
#8 0x40d4e550 in gps_poll () from /usr/lib/
#9 0x40d303d0 in vehicle_gpsd_io (priv=0xb1130)
at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/vehicle/gpsd/vehicle_gpsd.c:255
#10 0x0002a160 in callback_call (cb=0x97e58, pcount=0, p=0xbef40a60)
at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/callback.c:181
#11 0x0002a3e0 in callback_call_args (cb=0x176230, count=0) at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/callback.c:202
#12 0x00027740 in event_glib_call_watch (iochan=<value optimized out>, condition=<value optimized out>,
t=0x97e58) at /work/compile/navit/src/navit/event_glib.c:53
#13 0x400cd2d4 in ?? () from /usr/lib/

I don't know what route_set_position should do (no comments in the source code) but I doubt that it should call route_find_nearest_street when it isn't navigating, there is no destination, and tracking=0.

Navit SVN r2417 from
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