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#38 fixed Navit won't display the car outside of mapped roads anonymous hafting
Description I frequently drives outside mapped areas, because I update the OSM map. It is convenient to have navit show what roads are on the map already.

But navit always snaps to the closest road, even if it is several hundred meters away. Snapping to the closest road within the combined error margins of the map and the GPS is of course reasonable. The current GPS accuracy is (usually) available from the GPS readout. Map accuracy is usually unknown - but a map made from GPS traces (like the osm map) is usually accurate to within typical gps accuracy. The map accuracy should ideally be user configurable. Those who want to cling to the roads can then set a large error margin, those who want to go off-road can set a low error margin.
#39 fixed navit won't put the car on service roads anonymous hafting
Description Normally, you don't plan a route through service roads. But service roads (highway=service for the osm map) may very well be the starting point or the destination. The final road(s) into a parking lot is often a service road. Small roads inside an industrial area are also service roads, and navigating them is useful when visiting a factory. If the GPS say I am there, then I am there. So using the service roads should be possible. Giving them a really low speed is probably enough to keep Dijkstra from un-necessary service road trips.
#40 fixed Routing for different vehicles (car,bus,bicycle,foot) wanted KaZeR hafting
Description Navit currently routes cars. Still, it directed me to use a bus-only road.[[BR]]

Different modes for different uses would be nice.[[BR]]

* car: Use all roads open to cars, and prefer the best [[BR]]
* bus: allow bus-only roads as well, otherwise as for cars[[BR]]
* bus,truck: Avoid roads(bridges etc.) with weight/sizerestrictions. Vehicle weight and size should be configurable.[[BR]]
* bicycle: prefer cycleways, disallow motorways[[BR]]
* foot: prefer footways, disallow motorways
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