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#507 fixed Search engine and street name with apos char (') KaZeR yoann
Description My street name is "Impasse de l'Oranda", Nantes, France.

When entering "Oranda" as search field, the search engine does not find any results. It can if I write "l'Oran", for example.

I'm using "Version: 1:0.1.0+svnr2760-r3.0.4" on Openmoko device.
#867 wontfix openmoko package has wrong revision KaZeR ydirson
Description Clearly there is one of the 2 versions wrong here:

$ dpkg -I navit-0.2.0_armv4t.opk
new debian package, version 2.0.
Package: navit
Version: 1:0.1.0+svnr3708

Aside from giving wrong info when listing packages, that makes it awkard to upgrade from eg. shr-provided package:

* the 0.2.0 version is not seen as newer than 0.1.0svn* and won't be downloaded automatically
* even when downloded manually, --force-downgrade is required
#868 wontfix openmoko package conflicts with openembedded ones: should use OE recipe ? KaZeR ydirson
Description The recipe in OE, at least as used by SHR, splits the package in many ones. This makes it possible to keep the install minimal, which is quite a good idea on space-limited devices. Note that a "navit-all" package could be added for the sake of userfriendliness for those that don't want such flexibility.

If the navit-provided opk stays monolithic, it should at least add Replaces: and Conflict: fields to ensure it is possible to upgrade from SHR- to navit-provided packages.
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