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#119 fixed tooltips for toolbar items KaZeR kiddo
Description it would be good to have gtk tooltips on toolbar buttons, because I have a hard time knowing what they do when I don't have button labels. On that note, you may want to set the property "is_important" to a few buttons so that they show with their label in the toolbar when the user has his gtk settings to show "both, label on the side".
#97 worksforme too many POI KaZeR diegor@…
Description When zooming out often happens that a lot of poi are drawn, making the gui very slow, at least on neo1973, and also icons of poi hide the other elements like highways. Probably navit need an algorithm to choose what to draw based to the zoom factor.
#1059 worksforme toggle_announcer OSD item not updated when clicked cp15 mvglasow (2)
Description When clicking a toggle_announcer OSD item, the icon is not updated to reflect the current speech output state until the screen is redrawn (returning from menu, map moving etc.) There is no visual feedback to the user telling them that the click was registered.

Steps to reproduce:
- Create OSD layout with toggle_announcer item.
- Look at the icon (should be "speech on" icon on startup).
- Click/tap/touch the control, and observe the icon. It stays the same.
- Go to the menu and return, or drag the map around (or do anything that causes the screen to be redrawn). Observe the icon. It now reflects the correct state again.

Tested on Android 2.3 (CyanogenMod 7.1.0 on Nexus S).

Note that this may be difficult to reproduce in a moving vehicle (or even a standing vehicle) as the GPS updates may cause screen redraws.
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