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#41 invalid Searching for street names on OSM maps doesn't work cp15 hafting
Description On OSM maps I have to find the street on the map myself, in order to set the destination. It'd nice to be able to type it in instead, and have navit find it for me.

There is of course the problem that the same street name exist in many places, and OSM don't usually have any information about postcodes or regions. Still, the names could be shown in a list, along with the name of the city/town/village/suburb closest to the road geographically. People usually know if the look for a road in/near Trondheim or Oslo.

When there are several roads with the same name in the same city, chances are that it is one road that forks or is divided due to traffic restrictions. Consider zooming so all segments are visible, and highlight them so the user can choose a destination.

OSM does not currently have house numbers. So the best we can do is to lead the driver to the street, and then consider the mission accomplished.
#42 fixed I get close, but never reach the goal somebody hafting
Description I can use navit for driving somewhere. But the goal is never reached. So when I go back, navit still wants me to turn around. Navit should consider the goal reached when you are on the correct road and within some (configurable) small distance away. I have seen other apps using 100m
#43 fixed Street names are displayed in bad ways KaZeR hafting
Description There are several problems with street names:
* They are mostly printed on long straight sections of road. So curved roads, even slight curves don't get a name at all. It looks like the road isn't named. Names that follow the turns in the road would help.

* It looks like names are printed over and over, once for each straight segment if they are long enough. So some names occur over and over, and overlaps slightly. After a name there should be a pause of some length, where the name isn't printed again. This avoids "crowding".

* When a road is displayed much wider than the text height, please use a bigger font. The small fonts are necessary with lots of small roads, but bigger writing is much easier to read while driving.
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