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#119 fixed tooltips for toolbar items KaZeR kiddo
Description it would be good to have gtk tooltips on toolbar buttons, because I have a hard time knowing what they do when I don't have button labels. On that note, you may want to set the property "is_important" to a few buttons so that they show with their label in the toolbar when the user has his gtk settings to show "both, label on the side".
#120 wontfix all dialogs should remember their size automatically KaZeR kiddo
Description it is very annoying to resize all the dialogs each time I use them. Especially on high-resolution computer screens.

Navit should remember the size of its main window (also remember if it was left maximized or not), the size of the roadbook window, the destination window, etc
#121 fixed limit the amount of recent destinations KaZeR kiddo
Description there currently seems to be no limit to the amount of recent destinations listed in the menu. It makes no sense, I don't care about more than 10 recent places I've been to, and the current menu (which is three times taller than my screen height) is not useful because it's overcrowded.
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