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#12 fixed Add imperial measurements number6 KaZeR
Description Navit should be able to use metric or imperial measurements, according to
the LC settings.
#298 fixed Add instrumentation code for debug to provide call stack logging KaZeR Wouldd
Description It is possible with GCC to compile an instrumented version of code that will call pre-defined methods on entry/exit to all functions. (except those marked with a special attribute)
It is possible to use this mechanism to allow for debug.c to indent logging based on it's position in the call stack.
What is more, it can be done in such a way that has no effect at all when not compiled with the flag:
the process is documented here:

I've attached a patch to debug.c and debug.h
as well as a script that can be used to post-process the resulting log files and insert all the function names and file:line nums for the entry/exit logging.
#481 fixed Add map directory support cp15 zoff99
Description i have this set in the config file:


<mapset enabled="yes">
<map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="/media/card/navit/maps/*.bin"/>

but when there are 2 .bin files present only the first gets loaded.
if i give only the directory (without *.bin) navit crashes and does not startup
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