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#1143 fixed Update translations usul usul
Description We need to update our translations for the new release. My impression is, that from the 27+ langs we announce, only a very small number is up to date. As we have currently very limited resources and we plan some bigger refactorings in 0.6 we should IMHO '''limit on the most widely spread languages''' (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian). I'm not sure if this reflects Navit/OSM community well, but in the end we need long term commiters to that topic.

As this will introduce new users to our UI, we need to setup a '''word list''', to help them to use the same keywords again and again at different places.

We can use poedit offline, if we have only one translator per language and submit changes via diff files. Another idea is to reactivate launchpad (#1141) for this release, to allow collaborative working on the same langs and to show us the progress.
#1100 fixed Visit before a destination in GTK turulomio
Description Hi. This is my first patch, I hope you like it
I made a patch to let add a "visit before destination" from GTK.
When you have a destination and make right click in other point you get a popup with "Visit before" option. You can select to which waypoint you want to go before
#46 fixed It'd be nice to have several waypoints, not only a destination tryagain hafting
Description It is nice to have several waypoints, when you reach one, go on to the next. Hopefully not hard to add. Useful for vacation planning, enter the locations of all the hotels in advance.

In some cases it is also useful to have unordered waypoints. When you reach one, proceed to the nearest unvisited one. Or even better - have navit calculate the best order. (Yes, that in the NP-complete travelling salesman problem, but not hopeless for 4-5 points. :-)

Either case of unordered waypoints is useful when making several deliveries.
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