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#912 fixed Can't complie under vs2008 KaZeR xunfeng sun
Description speech_cmdline.lib(speech_cmdline.obj) : error LNK2019: 无法解析的外部符号 _strncasecmp,该符号在函数 _speech_cmdline_search 中被引用

In speech\cmdline\speech_cmdline.c, line 49 col 25 "strncasecmp" should be "g_strncasecmp".

2>..\..\..\..\navit\gui\internal\gui_internal.c(3840) : error C2001: 常量中有换行符
2>..\..\..\..\navit\gui\internal\gui_internal.c(3841) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“类型”的前面)
2>..\..\..\..\navit\gui\internal\gui_internal.c(3841) : error C2001: 常量中有换行符
2>..\..\..\..\navit\gui\internal\gui_internal.c(3842) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“类型”的前面)
2>..\..\..\..\navit\gui\internal\gui_internal.c(3842) : error C2001: 常量中有换行符
2>..\..\..\..\navit\gui\internal\gui_internal.c(3844) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“if”的前面)

navit\gui\internal\gui_internal.c file text coding is "UTF-8", if save file using coding "ANSI", no complie error.
#295 duplicate Respect speedlimits for route calculation cp15
Description A few month ago i pointed out that navit doesn't make use of local speedlimits on tracks.

Therefore this wiki page was created by cp15:

#791 fixed Patch to remove some memory leaks KaZeR xor2003
Description I found some memory bugs using cppcheck tool. Patch is attached. Please check it.
Svn 4281 version used.
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