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#1320 Incomplete/Missing infos random crashes when scrolling map KaZeR rico (2)
Description Hi,

navit randomly crashes when scrolling the map over big distances. It seems, in function event_glib_call_timeout_single in event_glib.c sometimes an invalid timerevent gets removed.

#1346 Incomplete/Missing infos Map expansion KaZeR hermann
Description Hello,

To distinguish from surfaces and preparation of interesting point are the files
„osm.c: static char *attrmap={ };“ and „item_def.h“ extended.

Further are entries removed or altered. For me not recognizable requierd entries to the funktion of Navit are between
/* not sure begin */

/* not sure end */ taken together.

Making own build of Navit is still not possible. Also not creating with Maptool a *.bin which includes the advanced features.

Function of both files so is NOT checked.

Then still the POI-Selection in GUI Menu are the files
adjusted accordingly.

Coercing requierd changes in other files are not known to me.
(Navit.xml: Entries and Icons can be themselves managed)

My idea is to review and inclusion both files in the code.
NEW osm.c
NEW item_def.h

br, hermann
#20 worksforme Draw route on top of roads KaZeR KaZeR
Description The current way route is drawn leads to ugly results in SDL gui, because route items don't overlap fully. Plus, when you have some motorway crossings, you can't see the route which is drawn under all roads.
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