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#1261 fixed toggle_announcer OSD changes state on each redraw Singesang mvglasow (2)
Description To reproduce: Add a `toggle_announcer` OSD to your navit.xml. Then maximize/unmaximize the window (on a desktop OS), or on Android rotate the screen. You will notice that each of these operations will cause the icon to flip between the enabled and disabled state.

Looking at `osd_core.c` and `osd.c`, I see that the `toggle_announcer` item has no a real click handler, and the draw event indeed just flips the state on each redraw.

I guess we need a real click handler, which switches speech output on/off and then triggers a redraw. The redraw routine should then read the status of the speech engine to determine the correct icon to display.
#752 fixed toggle layers on and off directly from the GUI KaZeR sanderd17
Description If different layers could be toggled from inside the GUI, a user could e.g. select if he wants to see natural elements (like water, forest ...) or traffic signs (traffic lights, stop signs ...) or labels while he is navigating, without editing the navit.xml

This could be done by making a layout for each set of layers, but the number of layouts would grow exponentially compared to the number of layers, so that's not a good idea.

If you don't get my explanation, see the[20110127%2016:03:19 IRC logs] (due to techical reasons, there is a bracket missing at the end of the link, just add a ']' to the end)
#190 invalid the blue route trace should be inside ways KaZeR kiddo
Description ...instead of outside the ways. This would have the advantages that it would not need to be as fat as it is right now, it could be much slimmer, and it will always be visible (right now, no matter how fat the route line is, it is possible for multiple ways to hide it)
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