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#44 worksforme The route isn't always updated when the car moves. somebody hafting
Description There are reasons for using follow=0. For example, to keep the map steady. With follow=1, the map jumps and rotates excessively.

But with follow=0, the route isn't updated as the car moves. This makes it hard to see where the car is, one has to search the visible route for the car. One may even wonder what direction the route has.

The route should always update when the car moves - even if the map itself stand still (follow=0)
#45 duplicate The car is not sufficiently visible somebody hafting
Description The car is hard to spot on the map, for several reasons:
* It has only one color. Therefore, it does not have good contrast in all cases, since the surroundings vary so much. With a route, the background is dark blue so a lightly colored car might work. Without a route the map is almost white, so a dark car might work.

A multicolor car is better, similar to how street names uses white outlining for better visibility when the black text is printed on a dark red trunk road. The car should _really_ stand out on the map, so it can be found very quickly. Still, it must not cover up a large area. One idea: Consider the "marching ants" border used for selections in gimp and some other drawing software. It is highly visible in all cases. The car outline and direction arrow could be like that. Use two high-contrasting colors, like black+white or black+yellow. Configurable of course, so extra cars can have other colors.

* The car disappear in some cases. It tends to disappear when standing still - but that is precisely when I have time to look at the map. It also disappears completely with follow=1 - odd.
#46 fixed It'd be nice to have several waypoints, not only a destination tryagain hafting
Description It is nice to have several waypoints, when you reach one, go on to the next. Hopefully not hard to add. Useful for vacation planning, enter the locations of all the hotels in advance.

In some cases it is also useful to have unordered waypoints. When you reach one, proceed to the nearest unvisited one. Or even better - have navit calculate the best order. (Yes, that in the NP-complete travelling salesman problem, but not hopeless for 4-5 points. :-)

Either case of unordered waypoints is useful when making several deliveries.
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