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#122 wontfix do not put a quit button in the toolbar KaZeR kiddo
Description shamelessly quoting the HIG: "'''Don't add buttons for''' Help, Close or '''Quit''' to your toolbar by default, as these are '''rarely used''' and the space is better used for more useful controls. Similarly, only provide buttons for Undo, Redo and the standard clipboard functions if there is space on the toolbar to do so without sacrificing more useful, application-specific controls."

I would add to that the fact that the Quit button is already in the menus, and the fact that the window manager has a nice quit/close button in the titlebar that screams "use me! use me!".

At least, not in the desktop gtk version.
#123 fixed don't show the roadbook if there is no route available KaZeR kiddo
Description it doesn't really make sense to allow clicking the roadbook button when there is no route set. It just creates a blank window. I would suggest that the "roadbook" toolbar pushbutton should be set to gtk insensitive unless there is a route available.
#124 fixed refresh the route when recalculated KaZeR kiddo
Description navit can recalculate routes automatically, but the display does not reflect the changes at all. You have to move the map or hit Refresh to know that the route has changed.

Navit should refresh the route when it is recalculated.
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