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#23 worksforme Error in Configure on Debian system with lCEGUIOpenGLRenderer KaZeR StevenLeRoux
Description checking for main in -lCEGUIBase... yes
checking for init in -lCEGUIOpenGLRenderer... no
Error! Something is wrong with CEGUIOpenGLRenderer. Do you have at least cegui-0.5?

Running Debian Sid


x1:# dpkg -l | grep cegui
ii libcegui-mk2-1 0.5.0-2 Crazy Eddie's GUI
ii libcegui-mk2-dev 0.5.0-2 Crazy Eddie's GUI

I tried with a fresh compil of CEGUI, but same result.
#29 worksforme Charset zaxl burner
Description Some characters (anything but a-z it seems) are stripped from the street names!
#44 worksforme The route isn't always updated when the car moves. somebody hafting
Description There are reasons for using follow=0. For example, to keep the map steady. With follow=1, the map jumps and rotates excessively.

But with follow=0, the route isn't updated as the car moves. This makes it hard to see where the car is, one has to search the visible route for the car. One may even wonder what direction the route has.

The route should always update when the car moves - even if the map itself stand still (follow=0)
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