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#21 fixed Map readability isn't that good with water components cp15 KaZeR
Description Report from ML :

"Lakes are colored blue, but the sea is not. All I get
is a blue coastline. When looking quickly, one wonders if
it is the coast or some river. But I don't know - maybe this
is a map problem rather than a navit problem?
Having the sea in the same color as the city doesn't work too well."

May concern mainly OSM maps (sea)
#22 fixed Cursor isn't really visible in GTK gui somebody KaZeR
Description Report from ML :

"The marker showing my car is small and don't stand out too well,
especially when both marker and route is dark blue. A two-color marker could improve this - for example the existing blue marker with white outlining"
#24 fixed Navigation items aren't shown when starting navit with a previous destination set KaZeR KaZeR
Description It's because the components are shown only after validating the route from the destination screen.
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