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#1274 fixed navigation.c : annoying 'into the street' robotaxi jandegr
Description Hi,
All of the time instructions like
'in 100 meter trun left into the street someStreet' are heard.
navigation.c handles this only for the german language.
It is not desirable to hardcode this for every language in the
world so the attached diff serves as an illustration of the issue and
a 'fixes it for bafplus and me' untill someone turns up with a more
elegant solution.
Nevertheless suggestions for more entries in the table are welcome.

more detailed explanation:
if the substring 'street' is found in streetname the the message will be shortened to 'in 100 meter turn left into someStreet'
So for the english language the table shoud contain entries like
street, road, alley,
Also a gender can be specified for languages where that matters.

#1272 fixed navit takes roundabout wrong way cp15 bafplus
Description In this particular roundabout navit tels you to drive clockwise instead of counterclockwise.
I thinks its an OSM error but can't find anything wrong in

Link to roundabout in OSM:
#1271 fixed next named street in route KaZeR jandegr
Description investigating this post
it turns out command.c can only handle the '@' char following '['
I made a rudimentary hack to allow [0]....[5] to be handled to
make the forum post possible.
It also makes the reported errors more human-friendly, what's the
use in reporting error n° 10 if a user has no single clue to what the
meaning of 10 might be.

the pacth makes the use of following examples possible in a command:


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