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#1086 fixed application restart from 5296 revision on Android tryagain thuryn1
Description I have maps with non latin1 characters. If I try to search city (ex. Klíny (Czech republic)), application crash and start again. It works in previous revisions.
#1155 fixed Maptool memory usage optimization tryagain tryagain
Description It looks like we have hit our hardware limits with maptool. It has now peak memory consumption above 10G, but server cant give it so much.

That might be related to osm growth, our recent code changes.

I'm aware of memory leaks in the relation processing code, and will attempt to address them when i get to my dev environment next week.

For now, i see two possible solutions, one is to split maptool run into two parts with -s and -e options to drop any leaks between runs. If that won't help, i will try to reduce -S value (slice size), which though might increase processing time.

I do not think that increasing swap size is a way to go, but depending on how efficiently we'll be able to address memory apettites of maptool, server might require a memory upgrade.

#1243 fixed Housenumber search behaves strange tryagain jandegr
Description Hi,
map : OSM
related to :'''Search for my town works, but I can't find my street''' on the Navit wiki
Since admin_level in Belgium is similar to the situation in Germany,
it would be nice if someone makes the small change needed in maptool/osm.c
Now sometimes :
- street in city is not found
- street is found in adjacent city.
if multiple results for street search turn up, Navit seems clever
enough to select the most probable (closest to city center ?), - but when searching for housenumbers, results from the rejected streets show up among the found housenumbers.

I think it is related to the suffix like "345c7M" in maptool/osm.c
but I don't have a clue on how to code or decode it.

This would mean a significant increase in usability of Navit.

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