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#396 fixed Log files are written for non-active vehicles
Description Log files are written for non-active vehicles. My configured vehicles are "car", "bike" and "pedestrian", of which only "car" is active:

<vehicle name="Car" profilename="car" enabled="yes" active="1" ...>
<log type="gpx" data="/home/root/gpx/car-track_%Y%m%d-%i.gpx" flush_size="1000" flush_time="30"/>

<vehicle name="Bike" profilename="bike" enabled="yes" active="0" ...>
<log type="gpx" data="/home/root/gpx/bike-track_%Y%m%d-%i.gpx" flush_size="1000" flush_time="30"/>

<vehicle name="Pedestrian" profilename="pedestrian" enabled="yes" active="0" ...>
<log type="gpx" data="/home/root/gpx/walk-track_%Y%m%d-%i.gpx" flush_size="1000" flush_time="30"/>

Even though "bike" and "pedestrian" are inactive, I get "bike-track_{date}-{sequence}.gpx" and "walk-track_{date}-{sequence}.gpx" files.

I would expect an inactive vehicle to be really inactive, and not log anything until they become active.

I'll attach my complete vehicle configuration to this ticket.

Tested on SVN revision 2368
#409 fixed Update Dutch translations
Description I've updated the Dutch translations, here's the patch. Fixes range from correcting actual style errors (they say "ga <streetname> in", not "ga in <streetname>") to correcting capitalisation.
#104 fixed no byteswap.h under OS X spaetz andi@…
Description Hi,

if i try to build Navi under OS X 10.5 with fink i get some errors because there is no byteswap.h, which is only availible at debian/ubuntu.

Maybe you could include some code to get around this.

Someone at #fink told me this is an good example how this could be done:;a=blob;h=cdf6b15f039c4905d8d54152153b0a3ecd7aba55;hb=415e49b940bba2d08870db410ebb47d2add5d836;f=GL/glx/glxbyteorder.h

Thanks in advance,
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