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#575 fixed Spain local name match with OSM maps KaZeR
Description I'm trying to use navit in Spain using OSM maps.
I cannot make routes, because in the vast majority of Spain towns, local country name (España) is used in "is_in" field.

According to , navit only matches the following "is_in" for Spain:
Spain,Espana,Espana,Reino de Espana

Please, add "España" (and possibly also "Reino de España") as country match.
In this state, navit is unusable in Spain with OSM maps.
#578 invalid Navit does not recognize larger bin files on android KaZeR
Description I followed the Navit on Android page and installed Navit to my HTC Magic.
From the planet extractor I selected Germany and downloaded the file. I renamed it as navitmap.bin and put it on the SD card.
Navit did not load the map. I looked in settings-->map and there was no binfile listed.
Then I just selected the area around my town. The binfile was about 30mb. I put it as navitmap.bin on the sdcard and navit recognized it without problems.
I did not figure out the maximum size that works yet and I'm not sure yet if that could help at all.
Any ideas what the problem is?
#583 fixed osd_configuration does not work with SDL graphics Singesang
Description When I use sdl graphics with navit on my freerunner, the osd_configuration parameter is ignored and all osd items are shown.
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