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#74 worksforme Navit repeats "turn around if possible, turn arbound if possible..." when going the wrong way cp15 hafting
Description Sometimes I go the wrong way, and navit then kindly advice me to turn around if possible. But navit will sometimes repeat this advice over and over. The message repeats so often, I though the sound driver had crashed repeating the same sample buffer endlessly. But not so - as soon as I made a turn, navit gave me new directions.

Hearing the same message repeated 20 times is kind of boring.

It is perhaps useful to repeat the instruction a *few* times, with some time between. Maybe the driver didn't notice the message the first time. After that, assume the driver changed his mind or knows something the map doesn't. Or perhaps U-turns are impossible/illegal on this road.

It is of course ok to give the "turn around" message again after there have been some other message. Navit can then assume that the driver got lost a second time and needs help again.
#79 worksforme Support for OSM noexit tag cp15 zcc@…
Description Routes should not pass via dead ends
#81 worksforme missing X11/Xmu/WinUtil.h not detected anonymous anonymous
Description when installing from current cvs version on ubuntu gutsy with sdl enabled, the missing X11/Xmu/WinUtil.h is not detected by ./configure, raising a compile time error. (as is /usr/lib/

i don't know how serious you take this in cvs, filing it as a minor defect.
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