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#623 fixed svn-3506 for maemo (N810/OS2008): not providing directions KaZeR gigapus
Description Yesterday I upgraded to svn-3506 via the maemo application manager and since then I do not get navigation directions.

After GPS lock, the route is calculated correctly and shown on the map. The OSD gives the first direction, but there is no speech output, and the initial direction is never updated after that (either via OSD or speech).

The map does update to show current location during the trip, and the OSD correctly names the current street, but if I leave the specified route it does not do rerouting.

Basically everything works, except the navigation directions, which behave like I never left my point of origin. No such issues existed prior to the update.
#595 fixed svn-3378 for maemo (N800): crash after clicking on map for menu KaZeR mick3
Description I updated navit from svn-3367 to svn-3378 using the Maemo installer. Starting the program gives me my configured map with the latest location. Clicking on the map for the menu selection let the programm quit with the message "sh: gdb: not found" in the terminal window.

For svn-3367 menu selection was working fine.

As I haven't tried I don't know if this problem already exists in svn-3370 or svn-3375.

At startup there was another, probably unrelated error message:
"navit:plugin_load:can't load '/usr/bin/navit/autoload/', plugin_init not found"
#1120 fixed svn navit package for N810 fails to install KaZeR chr
Description Hello,

on my N810 the installation of up to date packages from fails. On the command line I get the following message:

# dpkg -i navit-svn-5496.deb
tar: warning: skipping header 'x'
tar: warning: skipping header 'x'
tar: warning: skipping header 'x'
tar: warning: skipping header 'x'
(Reading database ... 24413 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace navit 5496 (using navit-svn-5496.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement navit ...
dpkg: error processing navit-svn-5496.deb (--install):
corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive
dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)

Having a closer look I get the following first bytes for the newer navit package files:

# dpkg --fsys-tarfile navit-svn-5496.deb |less

and for the older ones which can be installed:
$ dpkg --fsys-tarfile navit-svn-5183.deb |less

I assume it is a posix - tar compliance problem. My N810 cannot unpack them. Extracting and rebuilding the package on a Debian PC cures the problem.

Can you change back to the former packaging technique?

Software info:
# uname -a
Linux Nokia-N810-23-14 2.6.21-omap1 #2 PREEMPT Sun Mar 13 23:29:39 CET 2011 armv6l unknown

The software:
ii busybox
ii dpkg 1.14.7maemo5

Regards, Christian
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