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#141 fixed Font family should be configurable in navit.xml KaZeR SarahEmm
Description The user should be able to configure the font family in navit.xml, just like they can configure the size now. This would allow better customization of the interface to specific devices (such as monochrome screens) without having to edit the code.
#145 fixed Long Distance Route Calculation Crashes Navit KaZeR kirisutojan@…
Description When I have a GPS receiver connected to navit and want it to calculate a long route (around 350 kilometers), using the maps from the Reiseplaner (I haven't checked with other maps), navit will crash with the following error:

ERROR:(route.c:813):route_graph_flood: assertion failed: (end != 0)

After that I won't be able to open navit again as long as the GPS device is working because it will crash immediately after start with the same error as above.

I'm using the SVN version 1105 on an up to date archlinux. Let me know if you need more information! Thanks!
#146 wontfix No Map Viewable In OpenGL Mode KaZeR kirisutojan@…
Description Whenever I turn on the OpenGL mode I cannot view anything on the map. When zoomin in or out the map flashes and I can see that it's there but it disappears within a second and the screen stays blank with the background color set in the navit.xml file.

I'm using the svn version 1105 on archlinux.
Let me know if you need more information! Thanks!
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