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#413 fixed Adding speed and course in gpx track logs
Description I've just added speed, course and radius to gpx track logs.
Please find patch in attachment
#162 fixed Additional path for navit.xml file somebody wosi@…
Description I am packaging navit for
In debian and derived distros (what ubuntu is) all system-wide configuration is in /etc, where also the default navit.xml file should go in the package.
I therefore would really appreciate if you could add /etc/navit/navit.xml to the path search locations like in the patch attached.
#658 Incomplete/Missing infos Adjustable AutoZoom number6 jwernerny -2-
Description When driving local roads, one may want to see 60 seconds ahead. When driving expressways (or rather, when driving long distances), one may want to see 5, 10, 20 or more _minutes_ ahead. The current autozoom does forces one to edit navit.xml to change this, which means it is impractical for real world use.

The attached patch allows the user to adjust the amount of time kept on the screen by using the zoom out and zoom in buttons.
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