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#1265 fixed Improve announcement for ramps KaZeR mvglasow (2)
Description When the road after a maneuver is a ramp, announcing names is a bit more complex. Since ramps often don't have names, it would be desirable to announce the road to be reached over that ramp.

To this end I would introduce two new fields to `navigation.item`: `route_name` and `route_name_systematic`. On roads that are not ramps, their content would be identical to `street_name` and `street_name_systematic`. On ramps with a blank `street_name` and/or `street_name_systematic`, these fields would be populated with the `route_name` and `route_name_systematic` of the next road (recursively). That way, when the next maneuver is to turn onto an unnamed ramp, these fields show the name and ref of the road to be reached over that ramp.

Details of how to populate this field still have to be worked out:
* handling ramps with names (use the name of the ramp or that of the following road)
* handling unnamed non-ramp roads (should we apply the same logic, possibly with a limit on recursion depth?)

Note that the content of the two new fields would depend on the route. If a ramp splits in two and these sections lead to different roads, the shared piece will have a different name depending on the maneuver at its end.

I will have to look into the code to see if that kind of dynamic naming is feasible, though.
#1264 fixed Android map download not working = mapserver problem cp15 jandegr
Description Downloading a map from within the Android app. does not start.
There seems to be nothing in the Android code that causes it,
for example for the Azores map the following URL is created in the app :

Today that query is redirected to (the '5' in maps5 can change any day)
returning a simple html page saying:
'''Selected planet does not exist'''

but after removing the timestamp from the link it works fine :

or replacing it with the correct one works too :

I don't have any idea what adding the timestamp is good for,
but if removing it is not an option, setting it right will do as well.

Seasoned users often provide their own maps on the mass storage of the device, but for firsttime users this is one of the first actions they will take after installing Navit and make them think Navit is no good and abandon it.

#1262 fixed auxmap OSD renders garbage at relative sizes Singesang mvglasow (2)
Description When the height or width of an `auxmap` OSD is a percentage, it will render as garbage. Visual appearance is similar to the symptoms in #1260 (on Linux, a somewhat random area of nearby screen content is rendered, usually distorted and sometimes with colors swapped).

However, the difference is that the items fixed with the #1260 patch were experiencing these issues only when being redrawn due to a window resize, while the first draw (or any redraw due to changed content) was OK. `auxmap` never renders correctly when its `h` or `w` attribute contains a percentage.

Whether the `x` and `y` attributes are absolute or relative makes no difference IIRC – absolute size is OK, relative size renders garbage.

Note that this issue only became apparent in r5901 – it was probably around all the time but in earlier versions it was overshadowed by #983.

Most of the issues in #1260 had to do with portions of the redraw code being skipped when the content had not changed (which would break in case of a resize), though the `button`/`image` OSD had a different issue – which might be similar to the one in `auxmap`.
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