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#561 fixed Allow for Disabling Auto Searches cp15 slam-er
Description On slow devices such as the n810 the city/town search field can be quite time consuming because for every letter I type I have to wait about a second to type in the next letter of the city/street I am searching for.

Although it can be convenient to only have to type three or four letters and hopefully have what I'm searching for will appear in the list of items it more often just slows down the whole process. It would be nice to have an option that would enable/disable the auto search function so I can quickly type in the whole city name and then let Navit search just one time for a match.
#818 fixed Allow move to SD cp15 elhaard
Description From Android 2.2, you have the opportunity to move applications to the SD card. But the application has to allow it. As I understand it, that is done simply by ticking a checkbox in the Android SDK.

Please do that when generating to Android Market, as this would allow users on non-rooted devices to change configuration etc.
#316 fixed Allow qt_qpainter graphics driver to be embedded KaZeR Jflatt
Description The GTK graphics looks at NAVIT_XID environment variable to embed into. The Qt graphics driver does not. The attached patch changes the RenderArea class to derive from QX11EmbedWidget instead of QWidget. QX11EmbedWidget inherits from QWidget, so it just needs to make use of the QX11EmbedWidget::embedInto() method, passing the NAVIT_XID's value.
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